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People with high blood pressure have fewer headaches and fewer painkillers


Therefore, when patients with high blood pressure have unexplained headaches, head swelling and dizziness, blood pressure should be measured in time.If symptoms such as headache caused by
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increased blood pressure, be sure to use less or no general painkillers, and positive control of blood pressure, along with the drop in blood pressure, or return to normal, symptoms such as

headache often can regress.Research shows that the mechanism of high blood pressure, headache is associated with cerebral arterial spasm, antihypertensive drugs to promote brain artery vascular

smooth muscle relaxation, alleviate cerebral arterial spasm, thus can improve the brain and effective control of a headache.Expert proposal, accompanied by a headache the symptom such as high

blood pressure patients, significantly better based on nim horizon as antihypertensive drugs, and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEI) or B – receptor antagonist constitute a
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combination, as well as effective control of high blood pressure, and can effectively prevent headaches and other symptoms.If the patient has a significant headache, occasionally taking one or

two painkillers is fine, but can never rely on painkillers to treat high blood pressure headaches.

In addition, the weather changes when the seasons change, the blood pressure of patients with high blood pressure often fluctuates with the change of temperature, leading to the occurrence of

headache.Because people tend to sleep less when they wake up, lack of sleep can lead to stress and tension headaches.Patients should pay attention to the incidence of headache, site, time of

occurrence, decrease or aggravation, so that the doctor can determine the cause quickly.

In life, the patient should be optimistic, open, open-minded, in all things, put down the state of mind.Get plenty of sleep and rest, and take proper physical exercise, such as morning
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exercise, tai chi, walking, jogging.During the day, you can practice calligraphy or painting, dispel distractions and calm down.Listen to relaxing and elegant light music at night and have a

calming effect.The patients with hypertension are usually low-salt diet.Drink tea, such as green tea, jasmine tea, chrysanthemum tea, bitter tea, etc., but avoid drinking tea before going to

bed.When headache attacks, should pay attention to rest, the environment is not noisy, use the pain medicine with caution, local can brush the oil and the oil well, etc.